Buy a shirt; help old dogs have a home




Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary provides a home for senior dogs that cannot find people to adopt them—a real home, with beds

 and couches for them 

and love and vet care and a large property to roam on with custom-made boardwalks with ramps to make it easy for the dogs that have trouble with stairs. They also provide temporary and permanent foster homes for many more, with a unique thing called Forever Fostering, where people within 100 miles of the Sanctuary can foster a dog forever, with all veterinary care and medication paid for. 

They have around 20 dogs living in the Sanctuary, including blind pugs. Mildred and Bugsy

three bonded pairs, such as Harley and Smily, surrended to a shelter when their lifetime owner had to move into an assisted living facility, which the Sanctuary took in together so they would not be separated

and new bffs

And they’re having a t-shirt sale to raise funds to keep taking care of these old dogs that have been abandoned or are too old to be considered “adoptable.” And you should give them your money. 

Buy a nice shirt. Help a nice dog.

Signal boost this, and I will buy a shirt for someone randomly chosen from the list of people who reblog this post.

Reposting myself for the night crowd.

You can donate directly here.

You guys are reblogging the HELL out of this and I’m so so happy and grateful. This means you love dogs and care for old dogs that need love as much if not more than the cute bumbly puppies that are snapped up so quickly.. Y’all restore my faith in humanity, and I’m not just quoting a cliché. I mean it.

And you know what? There are old dogs in your local shelters RIGHT NOW that also need rescuing. And maybe, some of you can make a little room in your homes to take in one extra dog. A nice old dog that has been an excellent dog for its people…or maybe has had a rough road out there… but either way, they deserve a good, safe, loving forever home. Senior dogs make GREAT pets. They’re potty trained, are usually incredibly mellow and undemanding, and are incredibly grateful.

So yes, do please donate or buy a shirt to help these dogs, but maybe some of you will be moved to care for a senior dog in your area that does not have an Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary to help them. Maybe take home a Bugsy or Harley or Leo of your own. 


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