Jared’s Saturday M&G Asylum UK 2016



  • Padackles have ‘family play nights’ where the kids play with toys or watch movies. They’ll have family game nights when the kids are older. 
  • Jared told a story about JJ impersonating a character from Alvin and the Chipmunks who smokes; he called her

    ‘Jaybird’ throughout the story.

  • The pads have 2 bunnies!! Shep loves playing with them and doesn’t even react when they scratch him.

  • Jensen crashed Jared’s M&G We got told we had 5 more minutes and Jensen walked in. Told Jared they had to go.

  • Jensen picked someone to ask ‘Sam’ a question – he was asked what his fave ‘set’ is. Jared answered with ‘the bunker’ and Jensen put his hand on Jared’s shoulder, looked down at him and said ‘his home’.

  •  Asked if Sam had the Samulet the whole time. JARED SAID YES.

  • Jared still thinks the show should ends with Sam and Dean going out together. Needs to be finality.

Thanks to pixelsmeth


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