I can’t get over how the baby girl cried and reached out for Sam as he’s being poisoned by the mist. Babies usually don’t reach out to strangers. I dunno, it’s as if this pure child recognize another pure soul and seeing him hurt was hurting her.




YES. It’s just so perfect. The other adults, understandably, were cautious, but the baby girl was just like NO HE’S HURTING LET ME GO TO HIM. I identify with her. Those were my feelings exactly.


According to a fan who watched them film that day (here) , in between takes Jared would play with the little girl to make sure she won’t get scared by things going around her.  I think she was truly upset in this scene because she doesn’t understand that Sam in pain was all pretend, that’s how strong of a rapport Jared had with the little girl.


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