that codependent shit isn’t healthy and you shouldn’t behappy about it. how can you celebrate dean trying to infect himself



Like this:

Seriously though- codependent behavior is unhealthy in real life but it’s a common device in fiction. Look at best-selling romance novels over the past 100 years and see how much of it is about people who can’t live without each other. 

Sam and Dean have been this way since the beginning. Did you start watching the show hoping they would change one of the basic components of both Sam and Dean’s characters? And now 11 years later, they’re actually somehow MORE codependent that ever?  That sounds like it must be very frustrating for you. Have a lovely day! 

First off, they aren’t codependent. It doesn’t make either of them worse. It makes them better. As someone smart once said, they’re ENMESHED.

Secondly, I personally celebrate it like this.


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