SPN 11×20:
Don’t Call Me Shurley

I still can’t get over Dean’s hand.  Anything above the knee screams intimacy to me.

Of course Dean’s going to be unusually touchy-feely in a situation as grave as this one, but.  The way it happens is what really gets me.  Look at the first couple gifs.  Dean’s touch is so casual, so unconscious.  He isn’t even looking at Sam when he does it.

And here’s another big thing: the last two gifs aren’t cropped at all.  Look at where Dean’s hand is.  Centered, two-thirds of the way down the frame.  It’s a visual focal point.  His hand is well lit, and it really pops because the the rest of Dean’s body is fading into the fog.

So not only are we lucky enough to have Dean touching Sam’s thigh, but we are supposed to be focusing on it.  I’m floored.


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