See that state in the red there? The one in Mexico? That is Puebla. The state where a great victory was won on May 5, 1862. You see, the French thought they had it made, that a swift takeover was imminent based on their army of 6000 soldiers. They were wrong. An army of INDIGENOUS folks gathered to fight back. On May 5, (yes that means Cinco de Mayo) the French sent troops in to attack the city of Puebla de Los Angeles, but were met from the North by the indigenos who would not be intimidated or taken down. When the fight was over and the French retreated, they had lost over 500 men. Puebla lost less than 100.
Cinco de Mayo isn’t a day to get wasted and dress up as a racist stereotype. This day is a celebration to remember the Indigenous Resistance that took place, and the victory that seemed impossible. Indigenous resistance continues to this day, from the top of turtle island to the tip of South America. We fight imperialism and colonialism with pride. Please do not trivialize the important celebration of La Batalla De Puebla by reinforcing racist tropes. And don’t you dare tell Mexicans “Happy Mexican Independence Day!” you’ll look like an ignorant jackass. #cincodecultura


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