j2madhatters: nothingidputbeforeyou: Jailbreak gifs from this video by request.  I honestly don’t know what I like best here: the heart eyes at each other in the first gif, the hand touching, the way Jensen possessively gets Jared’s attention by touching his knee, the way he rubs Jared’s knee a second time for no real reason…

Fangasm: In the scene where Dean is trying to convince Sam not to go with Death, and says that memorable line, “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you, “alot of us weren’t sure if that was actually Dean or if that was Ezekiel looking like Dean. Jensen: I was playing it as Ezekiel….

sasquatchandleatherjacket: thedropoutandthejunkie: Sam Winchester who can fuck like a jackhammer but whines so pretty when he’s getting fucked. Originally posted by oh-lovey

lissa1980fl: lizdoral79: Awww awwwwwww

itsokaysammy: Jared and Jensen being cuties.

gah I was over snapchat filters five minutes before the first one was invented

nothingidputbeforeyou: Another scene from Alpha and Omega with captions for the Wincest-impaired.

savingchesters: THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | savingchesters vs. padaleckhiround twenty | words | “is this really what love is like?”

nothingidputbeforeyou: One scene from Red Sky at Morning with captions for the Wincest-impaired.

estherlune: [🍁]

themegalosaurus: I’m not saying it’s real. I’m just saying that if J2 wrote a J2 fic, it’d be a) reasonably kinky and b) pretttty consistent about Jared’s submissive role. THAT’S ALL.