Body Language Success

The Majority of All In-Person Communication & Visual Media is Nonverbal… How Much are You Missing

Analysis by an Expert for the Real-World X


“When there is true love and sincere affection present during a hug, one head will touch the head of the other.”

“Ninety percent of our sensory input is visual. Forty-percent of the mass of the human brain is dedicated to the vision. Thus when we close our eyes, a bit more blood supply and oxygen get directed to the other four (non-visual) senses as well as the cognitive and emotional centers of our brains. During a sincere hug, we want to drink in the full emotion of the moment – to feel it at its maximum, so we close our eyes. If eyelid closure during hugs begins to wane or is lacking – it is a strongly negative signal of impending relationship failure.”

Stumbled across this article online, and it immediately made me think of Jared and Jensen, and their interactions. Especially their hugs. The part about the ‘closing of the eyes’ made me really think.


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