A well-written piece by Sara Lynn Michener that’s so very appropriate to people who post ship hate in that ship’s tag. 

I don’t like X, so therefore X is garbage is how children reason, and it’s problematic on a number of levels, the most obvious one being: who jumps into a party just to say they don’t want to be there? It’s incredibly rude. Internet Culture is an exponentially expanding building with new rooms, corridors, and basements being built every hour, and where very few doors are locked. Just because you wander into an open door doesn’t mean you’ve been invited. It doesn’t mean your presence won’t be silently (or not) mocked if you enter for nefarious purposes. Taken to the extreme, this is known as trolling. But there also seems to be the hapless version: people who just never knew when to walk past an open door that contains something that is by their own disinterest for other people. Or for that matter, people who never learned how to walk in, sit down, and start listening to something in silence precisely because they don’t understand it. Choosing to walk in and immediately starting to shout because you don’t like the subject of the room — especially when you walked past warning signs declaring today’s chosen subject to get there — is rude, ignorant, and makes you look like an asshole. It’s like showing up to a D&D group that meets weekly at Barnes & Noble just to call the attendees bad names and then deigning to feel misunderstood when they take you for a grunting jock type who doesn’t appreciate nerdy things.


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