Hi guys!

I went on a lil unfollow spree (i was following a lot of inactive/not-spn-anymore blogs) and my following count is only two digits atm, which means my dash is going to be dead most of the day. So, please like/reblog this post if you are a 100% spn blog, with tagging system, absolutely NO Sam/Jared or Dean/Jensen hate (i’m very serious about this), Wincest shipper/supporter (my blog is at least 80% so… yeah. btw, I don’t care if you ship any other ships if you tag them!) & hopefully s11/12 supporter. Also I like to be in a mutuals relationship with everyone i follow (so i can feel like we’re all friends here).

I’ll promo everyone i follow throught this/all my mutuals who help me get the word out. Thanks! ❤


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