You know, what I love about this video is not just how adorable they are when they’re drunk. I laugh everytime I see this video, and trust me i’ve watched it a lot.

But also, you know how they say a person truly shows who they are when they’re either angry or drunk. They easily could have been one of those pretentious celebs who only fake liking their fans for good PR, but instead they’re even more cuddly and loving. Usually when you’re out with friends or family, you’d probably want to not be disturbed by people you dont even know, but just look at them. They seem genuinely happy to meet their fans. Only goes on to show they really are gems who mean what they say and actually love and care about their fans.

“If you see us outside of the convention, come say Hi. Treat us like friends because we are”- Jensen Ackles, TorCon 2015

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