Dissecting a fat hating meme









CN for fat hate & a photos of human organs.




So, you may have seen the below- some of the text is chopped off- it also includes language about fat “strangling” organs (pretty sure, not a thing).

Where does this photo of a heart come from? It’s from a slide show about heart transplants, photo number 9.

The photo’s original text is below.

This is a healthy heart, being transplanted INTO a person who needs a heart transplant. 

It is NOT a heart taken out of a dead fat person who died of Fat Heart, which is not a thing.

Fat haters lie. They do it all the time. 

Never forget that.

This is the stupidest thing I’ve read in a long time.

Sure, “fat heart” isnt a thing but being obese does cause heart problems as the heart has to grow in order to pump more blood around the body which causes it to strain and struggle just for doing its job.

This is a real picture of a normal heart next to the heart of an obese person’s.

Why do people constantly want to encourage being obese despite the many health risks it carries?

Fat haters lie.

“Martti Tenhu, chief medical examiner in Helsinki, Finland, illustrates the differences between a normal human heart and one enlarged by alcoholism and high blood pressure. Covered in scar tissue, the enlarged organ is nearly twice the normal size. Such alcoholic cardiomyopathy weakens the heart so that it is unable to pump blood adequately.”

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy is a disease in which the chronic long-term abuse of alcohol… leads to heart failure.”

The original photo is from the National Geographic and does not mention the size of the person who had the enlarged heart. 

Fat haters lie. 

For a group of people who yell about science all the time, they sure do love clipping off the actual text included with the original photos and replacing it with dishonest garbage.

If you take the time to double check their sources, this is basically how it always goes.  

They will say anything to advance their bigotry. Don’t listen to them.

It’s ok to be fat! 

Fatty Liver disease though really can be caused by being overweight.

Did you just pick a disease with the word “fat” in it? B/c that’s what it looks like you did. 

According to Wikipedia, this is another disease that is caused by alcoholism among other things.

And according to this article by the NIH, hepatic steatosis is a disease that thin people get too.

So once again, we see that fat haters are liars. 

Additionally- just randomly picking out a disease that has the word fat in the title does not in any way refute the fact that your buddies are liars. 

That they remove the true text from photos and lie about what those photos actually show.

I love how THREE PEOPLE IN A ROW tried to lie or just picked something random to support their fatphobia. 

i’m about to die of Fat Heart

speaking of body image and the groups that cause us to hate our bodies…


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