trying to eat healthy while not going broke is so stressful

every tip page is one of several archetypes

  • eating healthy isnt expensive its actually cheaper than fast food, also im a millionaire and i havent looked at a mcdonalds value meal in 200 years. first step buy gold plated raw cabbage
  • throw some shit into a casserole dish for your horrible children. they wont taste it. who cares
  • the local parks will let u eat their trees leaves for free (:

Reblogging because that is the funniest description of foodie-based classism I have seen in ages. @apricops, any additiions to those archetypes?

  • these ingredients are so cheap to buy in bulk, never mind that the prep will take you hours, you’re not tired are you? BEANS!!
  • Quick, easy, and cheap! Required: 3 saucepans of different size, food processor, 12 ramekins, kitchen scale, microplane grater, cooling rack, piping bag, oyster knife, CrockPot™
  • Pick up these weird esoteric ingredients at any of your nearby supermarkets! I have never heard of ‘food deserts’ before and I refuse to believe that anyone lives further than 2 miles away from a Whole Foods
  • Canned foods are Of The Devil and you must always buy FRESH FRESH FRESH! Food spoilage problems? Just throw it away and buy more next week!

So easy to make cheap healthy food taste good!  You just need thirty dollars of dried spices in your cabinet, minimum. But making healthy food is easy. Because you know how to prep vegetables and cut them evenly so little pieces don’t burn and ruin the flavor. And you already have learned food safety principles so you don’t make yourself sick. And of course, you’re able to haul the heavy bags of fresh ingredients home. And you grew up eating fresh homemade food so it all naturally tastes good to you with how your palate developed.


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