#IN A FILM OF PERFECT MOMENTS THE HAND FLEX™ STANDS ALONE #BEATIFIED; REVERED AMONGST ITS PEERS #NEVER BEFORE OR SINCE HAS A PIECE OF CINEMA BEEN SO PURE; SO HEART WRENCHING; SO OBSCENELY EROTIC #IM GONNA KILL MATTHEW MCFADYEN #THE WAY HIS THUMB GRAZES OVER HER KNUCKLES PUT ME IN THE MOTHERFUCKING BIN #and the way she looks at him like ‘did he just’ #and he looks back at her like ‘fuck. i did that…. we practically boned on the driveway’ #BUT HONESTLY THIS ONE MOMENT IS MORE SEXUALLY CHARGED THAN ANY SEX SCENE OR ANY ACTUAL SEX #and okay like people who hate this movie #(YES. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO HATE CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 2005) #say that it is a bad adaption of the book because it focuses on the sexual tension too much #and not the like ~repressed nature of lizzie and darcy’s witty repartee #BITCH #ARE YOU SEEING THIS? #DO YOU SEE THIS GIFSET? #IS HE NOT REPRESSED ENOUGH FOR YOU????? #HE SPENDS THE WHOLE MOVIE DISGUSTED THAT HE’S ACCIDENTALLY CAUGHT FEELINGS #HE THRIVES ON HAVING TOUCHED HER HAND TO HAND FOR LIKE A MONTH!?? #THEY GAZE AT EACH OTHER DURING CHURCH SERMONS #I’VE NEVER SEEN TWO PEOPLE SO REPRESSED IN MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE #look JANE AUSTEN HERSELF would SWOON watching this movie #she would skype that dude she got engaged to for one night and ask him to roleplay reenact this hand flex with her #kinkshame the austen (via apriki)

I have watched that hand flex at least 50 times, no lie


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