Jared auto


Things were moving super fast because they were really behind on their autographs. I had a letter for Jared so I wouldn’t take up to much of his time. He signed my poster, and then I asked him if I could give him the letter I wrote. He said “absolutely!” And took it from me and put it with his stuff. He looked so sincere. I thanked him for helping me see that I am worth something. His eyes just kind of turned all soft, and he said, “you are worth everything. You are worth the same as I am. Don’t forget that.” And then I had to go curl up and cry a few tears. Jared Padalecki is special and kind and I’m having too many feelings. I’m going to do my hardest to always remember this along the lines the boys said in their panel. “Down with negativity.” Jared thinks I am worth everything. I am worth everything.


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