Sure Got a Dirty Mouth Chapter 108: Put the Load Right on Me

Word Count:3,900

Summary: Reggie makes the necessary arrangements to uproot Marcus’s entire life. Dean supports Sam in every way he can. Danny and Juliane make a life-changing decision. 

Warnings: NSFW text

Link to the story on A03 from the beginning

The fire popped loudly, and Sam woke with a start. “The hell?”

Dean woke instantly, feeling Sam’s heart beating fast beneath his hand pressed to Sam’s chest. ‘S’ok, Sammy. I got you.”

Sam shook the hair out of his face, disoriented, looking around the room to place himself. Dean pulled the red throw blanket higher to wrap snugly around Sam’s neck, in the process exposing their bare feet. “We fell asleep.” The fire still burned strong, crackling in a hypnotic rhythm that made Dean yawn heavily, ready to fall right back asleep.

“The Sanctuary?” Sam blinked rapidly, trying to clear his head.

Dean roused, hearing the confusion in Sam’s voice. “Yeah. The Sanctuary. You ok, Sam?” He looped a lock of Sam’s hair back behind his ear and brought his mouth to Sam’s neck, nuzzling him until he shivered.

“Yeah, I just… can’t clear my head.” Sam yawned. “Feels like I slept for three months.”

Dean rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. “More like five.”

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