I hope the rest of your life is awesome. Which I am positive it will be. Because YOU are awesome.


You’re very kind. Thank you.

So this just happened. Which makes me happy all the way to my bones, because I got to counter someone’s hate post to someone who is one of the reasons I’m glad I haven’t given in to depression’s bleakest suggestion for what to do with my life. And because I managed to give Wil Wheaton a tiny flash of… what, happiness? A good feeling that the human race isn’t mostly assholes? A surge of knowledge that yeah, motherfuckers, I AM awesome and people with functioning hearts and healthy emotional states can see that about me? Whatever it is, I’m glad I could say something true and nice to this man, and know that it was heard and appreciated.

Because, in case you weren’t aware, Wil Wheaton is awesome.

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