nothingidputbeforeyou: One scene from Red Meat with captions for the Wincest-impaired.  Advertisements

Ok, I’m going in. Wish me luck.

buzzfeed: 17 Celebrity Men Who Opened Up About Their Depression

pansoph: Nocturne, No. 15 in F Minor | Frederic Chopin

The usual routine: I’ll be watching the new episode tomorrow, and I’d like to know in general non-spoilery terms how this episode will hit my Wincest-loving heart. Will it hurt but in a good way? In a bad “bloody hell, the writers fucked this one up” way? Message me to let me know generally what…

decodingj2andco: kamidiox: Paid Commission: Guitar by KamiDiox Paid Commission done for   the Jared’s 2016 Birthday Project funded  by Sandra Echeverri. I loved the idea! This is so beautiful & sweet. KamiDiox does such great art pieces.

tonystarksaslytherin: An easy way to help the bees in your garden this summer is to make a bee waterer. As most water is too deep, bees stand the risk of drowning in any container where they can’t get footing. Fill a pie pan with marbles and a little water to give the bees a place…

This just makes me think of Sam and Dean.

lipglosskaz: J2 bts on “redmeat”  x well, you know tonight’s episode can’t be THAT heavy, because look at them

thirldollz: Black Magic Just imagine if all male-presenting singers and bands had to be this mostly naked whenever they performed.

thep0rnfairy: sleepville: iwriteaboutfeminism: Bernie won every district in Washington tonight! shout the FUCK out to WASHINGTON STATE  I’m honestly so very happy to live here, and so freaking proud of the turnout we had. @anon1adult and I watched the results post all day, and there were repeated shouts of “are you seeing this?!?” all day…