This part hurt. Look at how much pain he’s in when he realizes he fucked up. The face of a child that knows that he should’ve listened to his big brother when he told him not to. He is legit scared of what is about to happen. Ughhhh this is too emotionally devastating. 

Sam isn’t a child, he’s a man in his thirties. Dean is not “big brother” in authority over him. The way the narrative tends to ratify the imbalance of their relationship may be brilliant or may just be creepy as fuck, but it certainly isn’t a matter of treacley sentiment to all of us. I find it frankly terrifying, myself.

Excellent point. I don’t have a big brother personally, but if I did, I would be under no obligation to “listen” to him. 

Also, a major part of what made this so heartbreaking was that Sam was 100% willing to go back into the cage if that’s what it took to stop the darkness. He said no to being Lucifer’s vessel, which would only unleash another threat on the world, but he was willing to sacrifice himself.

what denugis, elwarre and ilovethemoose said. Not piling on the OP at all, mind you. Just sharing when other people’s thoughts and insights mirror my own.


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