Nyle’s #SignTHAT! pitch idea on ANTM is now a reality!
Learn ASL with

The ASL App and Nyle DiMarco!

The ASL App is thrilled to welcome Nyle DiMarco to our team as a signer and creative collaborator. Nyle is a native signer, born into a fourth generation Deaf family. Nyle DiMarco is a model, actor and advocate. Nyle is the first and only Deaf contestant to appear on the television show, America’s Next Top Model. By joining The ASL App, Nyle brings a unique combination of humor, style, and personality.  We promise you, learning ASL just become a lot hotter.

Since The ASL App  launched in May 2015, we are thrilled to announce we’ve exceeded 85,000 downloads! Keep signing, keep learning, and keep connecting! We are grateful for all the reviews, comments and feedback we’ve received.  

We know you want MORE signs and phrases. With Nyle on board, we are adding new bundles that feature him: Sign That! With Nyle and Celebrations! Available as a free download is the Nyle “Sampler”, a taste of what is to come. Currently there are more than 150 videos featuring Nyle for your viewing and learning pleasure, with many more on the way.  

We are now offering The ASL App Pack – our entire collection of over 800+ signs and phrases, for a flat rate of $9.99. Pay once, and receive new bundles as they are released; it’s an awesome deal! Alternatively, you can choose to download individual bundles at $0.99 each.


  • Original ASL-centered translations
  • Fluent and native Deaf signers  
  • Professional video quality
  • ASL phrases and slangs
  • Slow Motion button & touch video controls
  • Facebook and Twitter shares
  • Favorite signs & access them in your own “Favorites” bundle
  • Information button (for further explanation on uses of signs and culture)


The ASL App on the App Store.

oh my GOD I saw that ep and thought Nyle deserved to win so bad because this app needed to happen, and now it’s happening!!


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