Robbie Thompson previews the 200th Episode and talks about how it is a love letter to the fans.

I just think fanfiction is fantastic and I can’t for contractual reasons read anything for this show but I just find it really inspiring.  You know for people to take the show that we’ve worked really hard on and to take it and transform it and to make it their own, what’s not inspiring about that?

Its about community and I think this community is really awesome and inspiring and I think it’s a way for us to say, ‘yes we see you and we love you and thank you because we’re not here without this incredible fandom.”

He goes on to say that he went back and rewatched the whole first 5 seasons to prep for this episode.  That means a lot to me. Sometimes it feels like the writers have forgotten about those years, the dark B-horror-movie tone, the brother bond, the awesomeness of the angels. I hope that, with all of that fresh in his mind, he wrote us a great 200th episode. 

Nice to know that he’s finally watched the first five seasons FOR THE FIRST TIME.


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